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Change in Distribution


To our Valued Customers:

Blue Steel Scuba is pleased to announce a new partnership with a well-known company in the Scuba Industry, Cramer Decker Industries. As the premier distributor of Faber steel scuba cylinders in the US market, Blue Steel has been looking at improving its supply of steel cylinders to the West coast market base and other states located at a further proximity from our central scuba distribution center near Cincinnati Ohio.

To do this we felt Cramer Decker would make an excellent partner to work with considering their long history in the Scuba market, established relationships with customers and strong sales team.   Cramer Decker has over 30 years of experience in selling scuba cylinders and we are confident they will provide the territory they will be responsible for with outstanding service and delivery. Below is a list of the states/territory they will cover exclusively for the Blue Steel Faber cylinder:

Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington state, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.


Effective immediately, we are asking all current Blue Steel customers in the listed states to contact Cramer Decker with your cylinder requirement for the Blue Steel Faber steel scuba cylinders. With any change like this, we know there will be start up logistics to work out however we do not anticipate any impact in service. Cramer Decker’s customer service can be reached toll free at 800-347-9766

We want to thank each of you for your past business and look forward to working with Cramer Decker in meeting your future steel scuba cylinder needs.

Thank You

Bud Allen

Director of Sales and Marketing

Blue Steel Scuba