Faber Cylinders


It’s not just a tank……..It’s a FABER

Faber cylinders give you the quality and performance you expect and appreciate in a steel scuba cylinder. With one of the widest ranges of sizes in the market today Faber cylinders offer you the needed volume and flexibility to maximize your bottom time.


With over 35 years of cylinder manufacturing experience, let Faber make your diving experience a safe and enjoyable one. From the highest quality, deep drawn Chromium Molybdenum steel, to our exclusive Phosphatized-cleaned internal surface, triple protected zinc, and epoxy and polyurethane finish for durability, you get the best from Faber.Faber Tanks - USA Distributor


  • Wide range of sizes from 15 CF up to 149 CF
  • Fill pressures from 2640 to 3498 PSI
  • Excellent buoyancy characteristics
  • Cylinders Oxygen cleaned for Nitrox use
  • DOT 3AA, DOT-SP 13488 and Transport Canada (TC) approved

Faber steel scuba cylinders are exclusively distributed by Blue Steel Scuba. With warehouses conveniently located in Ohio and California to serve both the East and West Coast, Blue Steel Scuba provides you with quality customer care and service to meet all your needs.

Steel Cylinder Hydro Dates

Blue Steel Scuba makes every effort to ship the newest possible hydro date on all our cylinders. However, due to high manufacturing quantities on various models, fluctuating sales volumes due to market conditions, hydro inventory will vary. Cylinders shipped within 16 months of manufacture date are considered “current hydro”.

For all your diving cylinder needs, call Toll Free: 877-434-8325 or Fax: 724-239-2555